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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Bronx Blogger Visits An Anti-War Political Blog

"Lean Left" is a political blog written by "kevin", Kevin T. Keith, and Tom Girsch (that's two different Kevin's and one Tom).

Back in October, Tom Girsch invited me to respond to this post by kevin: Iraq Was Always a Bad Decision".

And I did:

My response

And Tom responded to my response:

Tom's response

And here was my second, and last response:

My last response

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Monday, December 19, 2005

President Bush Defuses Wiretap Kerfuffle

Scott Ott of Scrappleface has produced a funny bit of satire on the topic of National Security Administration (NSA) wiretaps of Americans' phones:

(President) Bush Announces Do-Not-Wiretap List


“If you’re concerned that your civil rights might be violated simply because some al Qaeda member has your information in his cellphone or computer,” [President Bush] said, “then go to, [ ... ] and we’ll let the National Security Administration know that you don’t want them eavesdropping on you.”

I was directed to Mr. Ott's piece by Michelle Malkin at Michelle Malkin.

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Sweet Quote from Iraq

A blog from Iraq that has been around since November 2003: "Iraq the Model".

A report from Iraq last Friday, the day after the voting ended: "Words from Iraq... "

Sweetest quote from the above report:

Iraqis are like sweet fruit, and their sweetness
lies in their big hearts and meeting them at the
voting station yesterday was enjoyable like eating
a good plate of sweets! They cast their ballots while
I enjoyed the Iraqi symphony of patriotism.

I was directed to this story by Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit.

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