The Bronx Blogger

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Ask, and You Shall Receive

Tonight is primary night for New York City. The big prize up for grabs is the Democratic candidacy for mayor. The recipient of this honor will have the right to assume office if somehow Mayor Michael Bloomberg crashes and burns between now and November.

An hour and a half ago, I had a phone conversation with someone who, according to my caller ID, was calling on behalf of "Central National Research".

Here's how it went.

Woman with a somewhat mechanically upbeat voice:

"Hello, there is now one hour left you to go to the polls tonight. Go vote for Congressman Anthony Weiner for Mayor. There is one hour left at the polls. Go vote for Congressman Anthony Weiner."


"Is there any particular reason why?"


"Excuse me?"


"Particular reason why?"

Woman (no longer somewhat mechanically upbeat):

"Because he's running." [Click... dial tone]